Morning Indulgence

I always start my morning with a cup of fresh coffee; it has always been the best way for kicking off my day. I have had this habit for many years. Like any coffee lover, I know the importance of a good coffee maker. In fact, I had been using my coffee maker for the past six years and it has been brewing me the tastiest coffee.

Unfortunately, a few days ago when I was preparing my morning cup of coffee, as usual, the coffee pot refused to make any more coffee. I cajoled, threatened it and tried to reason with it, but that was that. It was having none of my business. I decided to immediately shop for a new coffee maker because I love taking coffee that I have specially prepared myself.


As usual, in our family, we never buy anything without first reading up about it. That is why I started my search for the best coffeemaker by reading some reviews on to find the most reputable one and I did find a few to suit my fancy.


One thing I noticed though is that the market is flooded with so many coffee makers and it is quite a task picking the best quality coffee pot. It seems as if every other day, there is a new brand and model of coffeemaker going up for sale.


After seeking some information widely and comparing on different places, I had a good idea what I wanted. You can check this page to see the full information about different coffee makers.  Here are the best two coffee makers that I considered buying and I eventually went home with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation.


OXO Barista Brain Coffee Brewer 9-Cup

OXO Barista Brain 9cup


If you are ready and willing to spend a little more for a high-quality coffee maker, The OXO on Barista Brain is what you should go for and you will enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee all the way. This coffee brewer is designed to imitate the handmade or manual pouring techniques delivering you the tastiest and cleanest cup of coffee all the time.


This unit comes with a microprocessor that will adjust and time itself according to how you set it. When it comes to temperature, this coffee maker is known to have a very consistent temperature of between 197.6 to 204.8 degrees ensuring that your coffee gets neither too hot nor too cold.


It is also very easy to use since everything is controlled by just one simple single dial, and you are guaranteed of a full flavor extraction. In addition, The Barista Brain is made from stainless steel coming in a sleek and smooth design. From the capacity, you can tell that it is just what a medium family needs to make enough coffee to feed everyone. Stainless steel is also known for its resilience and durability and ease of cleaning.



Very stylish

Steady temperature control

Internal microprocessor for timing and brewing settings

Easy to use

Full flavor extraction





Hamilton Beach BrewStation-12 Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach BrewStation-12 Cup

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation is able to brew you high quality and tasty coffee at only an affordable initial cost. It is designed to drip the brewed coffee directly into a cup and it does not come with a thermal carafe.


It comes in a sleek design featuring a number of modern functions such as a programmable clock, a display menu, a self-regulating warming plate and an automated switch to put the brewer on or off.


The setting function enables you to set your brew time up to a whole day in advance so that you can wake up the following day to an aroma of freshly brewed coffee. This unit also allows you to change modes or adjust the extraction levels and make different types of regular, iced or bold coffee. Information on also shows that this coffeemaker is very easy to use and it is made of sturdy material so that it can serve you for a long time.



Adjustable settings for various brewing options


Easy to use

Has a display menu

Comes in a sleek design

Makes coffee of different tastes



No temperature control