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Smoothies – It’s What’s for Breakfast

Every day for a breakfast, I must have a glassful of smoothie. I love smoothies because they are packed with most of the nutrients that I need to keep me going all day long. If you are looking for a healthy diet that is easy to prepare and will keep your weight on a check, a nice, fresh smoothie is the way to start your day.


Here are a few of the benefits to show you why you should always have a nutrient-packed smoothie for breakfast:


It strengthens your immune power

Vegetables, banana and a glass of green smoothies

Smoothies are made from fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and nutrients, which boost your immunity. Smoothies have also been proven to strengthen the bones and they are good for the eyes. Therefore, if you do not want to be falling ill every now and then, try incorporating smoothies in your everyday breakfast.


Helps you to lose and manage weight


Smoothies are the healthiest and most easy way of losing some extra pounds. Look carefully for additions to your smoothie that are excellent in weight loss such as berries, green veggies and red peppers. In addition, include foods that are rich in proteins and fiber so that you feel full for longer to avoid a lot of snacking.


Makes digestion and bowel movement easier

Picture holding a cup of coffee

Smoothies are rich in fiber that helps digestion a lot. In addition, blending breaks the foods in very small portions that are easy to digest. If you have been experiencing stomach discomforts or digestion related challenges, incorporate smoothies in your diet and you will notice the change.


Reduces cravings for unhealthy junk foods and snacks


If you are struggling with the unhealthy habit of always snacking on junk, smoothies will solve that problem. Protein-packed smoothies keep you feeling fuller for a long time and incorporating some greens such as spinach in your smoothies will reduce your appetite cutting your cravings for some unhealthy snacks.


Helps to detoxify our bodies


Our bodies require to be detoxified occasionally to get rid of oxidants that may result to serious health complications. Smoothies especially the ones contain dark green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes and dark berries are so rich in antioxidants and will help your system to flush out toxins that threaten your health.


Get a youthful glowing skin


Research has shown that taking smoothies that are rich in carotenoids such as the ones containing mangoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, spinach and kale among others end up giving you a healthier and glowing skin.


Improve your sleeping habit and beats insomnia


Studies have shown that taking smoothies that contains foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium can help you sleep better. Such foods include bananas, oats and kiwis. Do include some in your smoothie recipe.


Makes you feel happier all the time


A glass of smoothie for breakfast is a dose of energy in your body that will leave you feeling much better and happier. Scientists have proven that taking a smoothie that contains a lot of vegetables and fruits gives you a positive approach towards life and makes you feel good and refreshed.

Gives a boost to your brain power


The nutrients contained in a smoothie have been proven to give a boost to your brain. This improves your memory, mental clarity and helps you become more focused. Incorporate foods such as coconut, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids for a healthier brain.

Treating the Muscle Strain

Muscle strain or a muscle tear occurs because of a muscle being torn or overstretched when undue pressure is applied on the muscle. Muscle strains are painful and they can occur when carrying out the normal day-to-day activities such as working out or playing. No matter how careful you are, there will come a time when you suffer from muscle strain when working out. If you are ever a victim, here are some of the best ways for caring for that pulled muscle so that you can get back to your workout routine.  


Ice cools everything and sends it on a mend

Picture icing the knee

After suffering from a muscle strain, immediately apply some ice on the muscle and do it gently using ice that has been wrapped in a towel or a cloth. This reduces the chances of swelling and inflammation, and it will relieve the pain. Repeat the process for fifteen minutes after every hour during the first day and do it after every four hours for a couple of days.


Firmly compress the strained muscle


Compressing the torn muscle will reduce the swelling that occurs after the injury. The strained muscle should be compressed with an elastic bandage. Be cautious when compressing so that you do not wrap the muscle too tightly which can hinder free circulation of blood causing you much further pain.


Rest the strained muscle


Avoid straining the already strained muscle further by resting it and avoiding any activity that causes the muscle to feel pain. Rest the muscle for just a couple of days but do not over-rest it because it may end up becoming weak. When you notice that the muscle is no longer painful when you move it, start exercising it mildly to quicken the healing and to restore its full strength.


Elevate the injured muscle

Picture elevating the knee

If it does not hurt severely, elevate the strained muscle up above your heart. This should be done while sitting and the exercise will help reduce the swelling.


More self-care tips include:


Staying healthy ensures that your muscles are strong and less likely to be injured. Take a balanced diet and exercise frequently to stay in shape. A hot drink in the morning helps gives you energy before you hit the treadmill.


Always do some warm-up and stretching before doing exercises when you get back to your normal activities.  This increases blood circulation in your muscles lowering the risk of suffering from a strained muscle.


Take the over-the-counter medication to relieve the inflammation, pain and swelling.


Three days after the injury, apply some heat for a couple of times in a day. Dip a clean towel in hot water, squeeze any excess water, and gently compress the hot towel on the affected area. This will enhance blood circulation around the area and this quickens the healing process.


Seek medical attention


When the muscle strain is mild, the above home self-care tips are all you need to get on the path to mending. See a doctor if pain persists for more than a week, if you are unable to move your legs or arms, you experience numbness of the injured muscle, you cannot walk and when you see blood coming out of the injured area. In such cases, a doctor is the best person to determine the extent of the injury and to subscribe the medication.